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Zoeva Contour Spectrum Palette

Good Morning Guys. Happy Monday to you all πŸ’œ

Zoeva have an impressive Contour Palette in their collection for only 15Β£. Contour Spectrum Palette that contain Contour powder, Setting Powder, Bronzer and Highlight.



All that in Sleek black packaging that feels like velvet. I really enjoy their design and how sturdy it is.


I had a chance to test out quiet a few similar palettes and I can honestly say that this one is one of the best I used. It’s really thought through and well Β put together.


We have perfect contour shade flattering for most skin tones and beautiful Highlight. It’s very unusual, not like any other in my collection. Comes of as a white powder with a gold tint but once you blend it it turns into that golden glow . Have a look for yourself.



Contour powder is very buldible and buttery soft. I like how you don’t have to work hard to blend it in. All in all Product inside is great quality and design is great . I will definitely purchase their new Highlight Palette in a future .

Enjoy your week guys !

Classy Chic Xx


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