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MUR Vivid Shimmer Brick Radiant

Mur Shimmer Brick is by far my favorite Drugstore Highlighter. I have yet to find another one that is as good and give you as much glow as this Baby. It only cost 3£ for 13G of product , how crazy is that ?!



If you been looking for a cheaper option of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick , look no more . It might not be 100% dupe but it’s close and what’s more important it’s great quality. I still don’t know how did Make Up Revolution managed to create such a great product for  that price .


Radiant Shimmer Brick is super pigmented and really soft and yet it looks great on a cheekbones without leaving streaks of color. I like using top part or mixing them all together.

Great for using as eyeshadow , specially if you want pop of highlight in your eye corner . Spray brush with Setting mist to bring extra glow and shine to make does cheekbones pop.

Check some swatches below . Sadly the light doesn’t do a justice .


Packaging is the only thing that we could be a bit meh about as it’s simple and clear, but considering a price we can’t really moan about not having fancy compact. I is still a very sturdy and clear plastic .

Hope You all have a great week 🙂

                                              Lots Of Love

                                                   Classy Chic Xx








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